Saturday, March 20, 2010

For some reason I think that I can't make a post without pictures. I can't just share what's on my mind without having pictures to go along with it. Of course pictures make a post better, but it's not always a must. I haven't been blogging because since we've moved, I haven't had access to my computer (or I have it, but just haven't had anywhere to set it up), only to Skyler's laptop, which won't seem to read my memory cards to share pictures. So I'll do a pictureless post. Here I go. I can do it. I know I can!

We had plans today. Westin and I only really get to spend Friday nights and Saturdays with Skyler. He is working pretty much the rest of the week off and on. So we made a few small plans for Saturday. We were going to take Westin swimming for the first time today. I was way excited. Probably too excited. I want to expose him to water early so he's not scared of the water. Maybe we'll even take a mommy/baby swimming class this summer. Ok, so we got ready (which took way too long) and once we got to the rec center, the parking lot was completely full. No parking spots! We could have waited for one, but we figured it wouldn't have been that great anyways if it was that busy. So we went for some lunch at Five Guys (love the Cajun Fries!) then we went to the park to soak in a little sun. It wasn't super warm, but warm enough. Westin went down the slide for the first time. I think I had more fun than he did. He wasn't too sure about it. We got a picture. I'll share it when I can! Now we're at my sisters apartment. We love to spend time with Aunt Natalie!

We're liking our new apartment. It's been a lot of work getting everything in order. I guess that's how moves always are (a pain and a half). I still have so much to do, and so much I can't do that I have to wait for Skyler to help me with a little bit at a time. Things that involve a drill or other tools I leave to him. He's done great. Whenever he gets some free time he'll help me with getting some things done. Putting up drapes in Westin's room so we can keep it dark for naps. He's also had to put up all the blinds by himself. The landlord bought them all then asked Skyler to put them up. Seems like it should be more of a landlord responsibility to me.

Since moving we've noticed we have way too much stuff. Our spare room is completely full of stuff. The whole floor is covered. I need to get rid of a ton of stuff. It's seriously a need. I want to feel decluttered! But I sit and look at everything individually and I don't want to get rid of anything! If I wasn't so darn crafty, atleast a quarter of that room wouldn't be occupied. I do have about 2 medium sized boxes full of stuff, but I have a ton more to do!