Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family in October

October was pretty great this year. I mean it's always great anyways, because it's the best month of the year and all. But it was extra special because October is when we found out that we're expecting another baby! I think most friends and family know by now, I but I wanted to make note of it for remembrance and of course to make sure that everyone knows. We are so thrilled and so excited. Now that I'm past the sickness (have been for a month or two now), I can enjoy things from here on out; minus the uncomfortableness:) I was all tears in the ultrasound room when we were told that we'll be having a, "GIRL". We're excited for Westin to be a big brother!
Whilst C'era was visiting in the fall, we went up to (my favorite place) the mountains and got a few casual family photos taken.
(A few test shots. I don't like standing in front of the camera, especially by myself:)