Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love to ride

Looking at these pictures made me feel nostalgic about summer. We took bikes rides as often as we could. The trail is perfect, away from traffic and in the countryish. It was one of my favorite things we did this Summer. It was a mixture of perfect really; being with my family, enjoying the great outdoors, the beautiful evening Summer weather, the warm breeze on my face, and a good excuse to get a little exercise.

Sometimes we would just ride, but sometimes we would make a stop at the Harmon's and grab a drink, snack, or a meal, usually whatever we had time for before we lost the sun (when bugs would smack us in the face on the way home). Westin loved the bike rides. He never complained and would even ask us to go on bike rides sometimes. Family bike rides are the best! 

 So serious. Look happy!
That's what I get...

I love bike rides!

After bath

All time cutest boy in the world

 I know I am a little biased, but in my world he is the most adorable and sweetest little boy in the world!
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite picture to date. This picture of his smile attempts to show how much happiness he brings into our lives.

Westin @ 23 months

Utah State Fair

So I thought now that we are approaching Christmas and the end of the year very quickly, that I'd like to catch up some on the blog. Let us return back to September for a moment.
We made it to the Utah State Fair again this year. It was fun, not quite as fun as last year because we were sort of in a hurry because we had somewhere to be afterward. As usual I took lots of pictures, but I will try to keep it to a few.

There was a very tall mechanical thing (for lack of a better word) getting around the park on a Segway. We watched him pass us, then stopped to interact with kids right next to us. We went to check him out. And Westin was so intrigued with him. When it was Westin's turn, he did nuckles with Westin and we got a picture with him.
The treats were yummy!