Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Easter...

A few family and fun Easter pics...

Enjoying the pretty Easter weather... I loved that Easter was at the end of April this year; the weather was so nice!

Easter 2011

It was a delight to have Westin's first Easter egg hunt this year. Though he's still a little young to care about it all, he seemed to enjoy picking them up, shaking the surprises inside, and putting them in the basket.

Natalie assisted Westin while I took pictures.

Mesmerized by the pinwheel next door!
Moving on...

Monday, May 9, 2011


I couldn't resist these playful pics of Westin at Britton's baseball game a few weeks ago.

And a mouth full...hangin' with Uncle Brad

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red sand is fun

We took a trip down to St. George the first weekend of April to celebrate Skyler's birthday and to take advantage of the perfect weather. It was in the 80's while we were there. It was really nice.
We were unable to do something I had wanted to do for Skyler's birthday, but we did make it go Snow Canyon. We stopped at the sand dunes to let Westin play in the sand.

  Westin and I took to a paved trail to do a mini hike while Skyler waited in the car. Allergy season had hit St. George and he was definitely feelin' it.

 Sunset from our hotel
Before we headed home we went to the red rocks to get some 18 month pictures of Westin 
and to play one last time. This place is pretty in the Spring. Lots of green!