Monday, April 26, 2010

February (part 2)

Westin and I house sat for my family whilst they went to Hawaii in early February. It was kinda nice to have a big house all to ourselves, but it got to be a little scary too. For me anyways. I'm also not used to not having Skyler around at during the night. I let every little noise at night scare me. Since Skyler worked so close, he would come over everyday for lunch. We loved Spending that time with him.

This blanket was a gift from some friends of Grandma and Grandpa Francis. I love it. It's so colorful and kept us warm during late night feedings. I was so touched that someone that I don't even know would be so generous.

We have a full length mirror on one of our doors and whenever I'd put Westin in front of it to see himself he would grin and stare. He loved to see his refelction.

Feb. 15- Paul Cardall Concert. A Celebration of Life

I took my mom along with me to this wonderful concert. I have been in love with Paul Cardall's beautiful music for the last couple of years, but I really started playing it a lot when Westin was born. I would play the soft primary music for him. This was his first concert since his heart transplant. Beautiful concert. There were definitely lots of tears in the audience. If you haven't heard of him and you like gorgeous piano music than you will like his music.

Uncle Britton was anxious to help get Westin's new toy put together. So he put it together himself.

We started moving into our new apartment in Kaysville at the tale end of February. We didn't have to be out of our SLC apartment until mid March so we could take our time. It took us several trips back and forth before we were finally done. During the move we've realized we have way too much stuff! We still currently have half of our SLC garage still full of stuff! Spring cleaning and yard sale here we come!

Westin testing out his new crib!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

February (part 1)

A walk in the park

Sunday, April 4, 2010

January 2010

I thought about forgetting about how far behind I am in my blogging and just vow to do better from now on, but I was thinking about eventually printing off parts of my blog into a book. So for this purpose I will try my best to catch up a little.

Westin turned 3 months old in January. He began to show his personality a little more. he also began to sleep better. We stayed over at grandma Duncans a lot in the first part of the month. We really enjoyed spending lots of time with the family.

These were my favorite pictures of Westin from January. I took these next batch of pictures with him in the blue and white jacket at my mom's house. There was some absolutely wonderful light coming through the window so I took advantage.

Oh, this boy makes my heart melt!

In January I started making these egg, bacon, cheese tarlets and they've been quite popular with both Skyler and my family. A little something different for breakfast!
Love these jammies from Grandpa Duncan
Mr. Chubba Wubba taking a bath in his baby spa!

We think he's a little too young to have his own phone so I let him borrow mine from time to time, but only for emergencies of course.

Mckenzie celebrated 16th birthday

Why so serious?

I went for a drive and I found a gorgeous snow covered field with some trees. Even though it's Spring, I'm hoping to post them on my photo blog soon!

January marked the beginning of my obsession with "gormet sandwhiches" or so I call them anyways. I love making my own delicious sandwhiches

Westin began to suck his thumb a lot in January. He now does it only occasionally, it's not something he does all the time. I thought it was so cute. I took a picture almost every time I saw him doing it.

Yeah, I wasn't kidding!

Here is the beautiful Natalie

Sunlight through the window
Westin began to smile a lot moreSeeing my baby smile is one of my favorite things about being a momBunny Ears!I love to watch him sleep

Playing with Uncle TonyMom and Westin
My happy boy