Monday, September 27, 2010

The Francis Folks

We went to the Francis family reunion this summer and let me tell you what, the Francis' know how to reunionize! We all gathered at the most fabulous cabin I've ever seen, but then again I haven't been to a lot of cabins in my life, so this was a treat for me. This place was tucked away from the main road and far enough away from anywhere so you could be as loud as you want, as late as you want.

We ate outside until we were rained out. Then we all went inside and those who wanted to, did some entertaining; jokes, stories, dancing, singing.

Some of us took it outside when the rain stopped.
Mmmmmm.... S'mores by the campfire.

We hadn't intended on staying the night, so we didn't bring any overnight supplies, but we stayed so late, and everyone talked us into staying so we could help eat all the breakfast in the morning, so we decided to just sleep in the car because we were worried Westin would wake everyone up too early. Yes, we slept in the car like we were homeless or something. It was ok, other than Skyler only got 2 hours of sleep. Turns out Westin slept like a log all night.

Here we are in the morning
We woke up to these gorgeous cloudsMorning haze
View of the pond near the cabin

There was a zipline going across the pond. We didn't do it becauseif you weigh more than 90 lbs. you'll skim (if not more) the water on your way to the end. It was fun to watch the younger ones do it though.

Skyler helped watch the end of the line
Westin with some of Skyler's cousins

On our way home
Westin was out quick!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Albion Basin continued

I almost forgot about this one

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Albion Basin

Over the summer I wanted to explore more of Utah, so to continue our exploration, our intentions were to take a hike in Albion Basin, up Big Cottonwood Canyon, but the day was a busy one and we didn't get out of the door as soon as we should have.

Once we were near the Canyon, we realized we were low on gas, and we failed to stop for gas when we should have before entering the canyon.

By the time we neared the end of the canyon, the sun was beginning to disappear behind the mountains and our gas light had been already been on for a little while. So we decided to bag the hike. I wanted to make the drive up the canyon worth it so we hoped out and got some pictures.

The flowers were everywhere! The lighting was gorgeous! This place was so pretty! You should check this place out! I bet the hike is even prettier!

Heading out of the canyon
I couldn't resist this light!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tony Grove Lake

On our day trip, on our way to Bear Lake, we stopped in Logan Canyon for a hike. I had heard this particular place had a ton of wildflowers so I thought it would be a pretty hike. It was kind of a drive off the main road. Once we got there, it appeared we were already at the lake that I thought we'd be hiking to. The parking lot was right next to it. There were hikes to take, but they were away from the lake and we didn't really want to do that, so we just hiked (or walked rather) around the lake and admired the lake and the flowers. There were a lot of pretty wildflowers, but not as many as I thought there would be. Maybe there were more on the hikes, but the area was definitely so pretty. I could have sat there by the lake all day.

We had some lunch by the lake
Then I tried the backpack on the short walk back to the car to test out how heavy it was.
Heavier than I thought it would be, but not too bad all at the same time.

Westin was exhausted from being carried around;)