Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early Autumn Hike

The day was too beautiful to be indoors so we took a drive up to the mountains. It was so beautiful. The leaves have barely begun to start changing but everything was still green for the most part. We drove until the end of the road and walked on the trail for a little bit.

Friday, September 18, 2009


from my garden!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well, we're getting close now. About 2 and a half weeks until my due date. As of early this week I'm dilated to a 3. If only that was a better indicator of when he'll be here. Will he surprise us and come a little early? Or will he keep making us wait? That's the big question right now. Whatever he decides, we're so excited and anticipating his arrival like crazy.

I have been busy getting the house ready for baby. Lots of cleaning. Can't stand the idea of bringing baby home to a dirty and gross home. Not that our apartment was "gross" per say, but it definitely needed some work.

We've also added what will be a nursing chair and a dresser/changing table. I found these after lots and lots of looking and comparing of local classifieds. A comfortable nursing chair was important to me since I plan on spending lots of time there! We sold our sofa in order to be able to put it in there.

Here's a look at his corner so far. That's right, he just gets a corner:)

August to present...

In August I was thrown a baby shower in the ward I grew up in. We had it outside on a perfect summer night. We had the most delicious slush ever and a selection of yummy breads and fruit. It was nice to be able to chat with sisters in the ward that I have know since I was little but haven't seen in years. So much fun.

For mom's birthday in August Dad took the family out to Tepanyaki for dinner. Skyler and I hadn't been there before, but apparently the family goes there all the time! Where have we been this whole time!? We really enjoyed it and the food tastes awesome. Very entertaining dinner. Only thing I don't like is that it's difficult to talk to anyone else at the table if they aren't sitting right next to you.

I was thrown a baby shower for Stahle side of the family in the beggining of September. So much fun. Thanks Carlee, Jaime, and Aunt Lisa!

Our little garden is doing wonderfully. The bigger tomatoes appear to be done and are just waiting to be eaten. However I prefer the orange cherry tomatoes. They are so sweet and yummy! The green beans are coming in too. We'll be having some green beans for dinner soon enough! This picture is a month old, but I haven't taken any recently so It'll do.