Monday, January 16, 2012

A visit from Shiloh

Skyler's brother, Shiloh, came to Utah in October and stayed with us. It was nice to have him visit and I enjoyed getting to know him better, since he lives in California and we never see him. I found that we had a lot more in common than I knew. One of the biggest things we have in common is a love for nature and being outdoors. He wanted to go on a hike while he was here so we took him up to one of the prettiest areas close by. It was very peaceful and so pretty. Hikes in the fall are a must for me!

Thanks for visiting, Shiloh!

Westin October

A few of Westin from October 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We took a trip to the Pumpkin patch and I was hoping to get some 2 year old pictures of Westin, but he was loving the new place and all the pumpkins too much to look at the camera so we just let him enjoy himself and got a bunch of shots in the process:)

Westin's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Westin's 2nd birthday in October of last year. It was a wonderful October day and Westin loved every minute of it. He loves the birthday song and we were finally able to sing it just to him. He loved it. He loved blowing out the candles too. I think we even lit them at least a couple of times so he could blow them out more than once.

Love my little 2 year old!