Friday, November 18, 2011

Labor Day

Labor Day.
My family went up to Perry/Brigham City, as we have made it a tradition to do in September, and brought home bushels and bushels of peaches. Oh how I love to bite into my first peach of the season; straight from the farmer and fresh from the orchard. I tried my had at making peach jam this year. I made lots of it. For some reason jam tastes better when you make it yourself:)
And of course we stopped by Maddox for some lunch. I had me a delicious peach shake!

Albion Basin + (almost) Cecret Lake

I'm so far behind! Here goes my ongoing effort to catch up little by little.
Back in September, we explored Albion Basin some more. Last year, we made it as far as here, but decided it was getting too late so we didn't make it to the hike. This year, we actually made it to the hike, but it was a little late for a hike, and we wern't able to make it to the late, yet again. Someone/something has to be to blame so I'll blame our late church time:)

I love love love Albion Basin. It's one of the prettiest places I've seen. The mountains are just different here, the mistyness in the evening, the beautiful pine trees, and my most favorite, the plethora of wildflowers. And there were probably even more flowers had we made it up a week or two earlier. I want to spend an entire afternoon just lounging in the flowers. Maybe next year, when we actually make it to the lake.

My mom came along with us this year.

He was actually crossed right in front of us on the trail!