Sunday, March 29, 2009

catch-up sounds like ketchup

I apologize from my absence from the blogging world. I'm not sure what has gotten in to me but I just can't stand too much of the computer. I tend to check my email and that's pretty much it sometimes. I know this will pass soon enough, because I love blogging and to read everyones blogs, so bear with me! I have slowly been catching up on reading all your blogs. I think I'm pretty well caught up on that, now it's time to catch up a little on my own.

March 14th we celebrated Skyler's 28th birthday. His birthday was on a Saturday so we were able to spend the entire day together. I tried to get the house cleaned up Friday night so we wouldn't have to clean on his birthday, but there were just a few things to do around the house like laundry and maybe something else. I did most of it but had him help me put some things away. He wouldn't let that down that he had to do "chores" on his birthday and he made sure to let everyone know.

We were too late to catch the movie we were hoping to see so we just hung out for a little while in the Sugarhouse area. Next stop was to get some pie and bring it home. Afterall, it was pi day of course (3.14....). No, I'm not a math nerd, I only knew this because of work. We had pie to celebrate pi day but I was gypped of the good kinds so I suggested to Skyler we get pie and he thought the idea was a fine idea.

As always we celebrated on Sunday with my family as well. I made cupcakes. This is beginning to become a tradition with me. You really can't go wrong with cupcakes. I made Skyler's favorite, carrot cake with some homemade cream cheese frosting. These disappeared in minutes. I love it.


My family has made it a tradition that when your in 4th grade and you have a county project, we all pack into the car and travel to the county to get our own pictures and to see places in the county with our own eyes. Britton is now at that age and the last in the family to have a county project. Most of us are all grown up and busy with our own lives now, or even out of the country, but my mom wanted to make sure that we still made it special for him. My mom invited me to come along with them to BEAVER, the county that he chose out of a hat. I had never been to Beaver except to grab a snack, take a potty break, or fill the car up with gas on the way to somewhere else more interesting. But all in all I was pleasantly surprised. It was the small town that's for sure, but it was interesting to be able to learn of it's history and see the quaint businesses and restaurants they had. We went to the coolest place. It was a candle company that makes all their own wax figures of all kinds. The guy that runs the place was one of the most interesting people I've ever met. He used to be a a dancer and choreographer in Las Vegas who worked with people like Sammy Davis Jr. all the way down to Justin Timberlake. He said he and his wife have travelled and lived in most of the largest cities in the world. Eventually, they for some reason decided to settle down in Beaver, Utah. Don't ask me why but apparently they love it. Anyways, Britton was able to make a fun wax figure of his hand making the "rock" sign. It was a neat place. We spent a lot of time driving around looking at old buildings and we even went up to the mountains.

I have some shots of some old abandoned buildings I may post on my photo blog. Here are a few.

And now for an update on my pregnancy. Luckily there isn't much to report other than things are going well. Today I am at 15 weeks. The morning sickness has pretty well tappered down now, though I do have my moments. I am anxious for my 16 week check-up appointment because I love going in and being reassured that everything is looking wonderful and healthy. I have a pregnancy ticker at the end of my blog. I haven't taken the time to figure out a better place for it that it would fit.

I am also happy to mention that we have finally booked our cruise for next month!!! (We, meaning mom, Natalie, and myself). I know, I know I said in my Christmas entry that we were going in March, in fact I think I'm supposed to be on a cruise right now. But we never officially booked it and we wanted to go to other destinations. So after much research, we decided to stick with the western carribean but just change the itinerary a bit. We'll be going to Cozumel, Mexico; Belize city, Belize; Roatan, Honduras; and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We leave the last week of April. So excited!!!

I'll end with gorgeous sunset. I could not resist stopping for some shots here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Perfect treat

for the first day of Spring!!! Happy Spring!

Absolutely yum!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vegas trip

We took a little weekend trip to Vegas a few weeks ago. Our original and main purpose for going was to attend the wedding of some friends of ours, but we were also able to visit lots of friends on the trip. For a little while we decided to not go because I was feeling the whoas of pregnancy sickness. But I began to feel a tad bit more functional so we decided to go. Because I was feeling pretty blah, I didn't take hardly any pictures, none of us sadly. Took some on my phone but can't figure out how to get them.

We stopped by in St. George and had breakfast with some friends at the Cracker Barrel. I've been unable to eat much so Skyler helps me clean up my plate with no effort. It was a great visit. While in St. George, we decided to stop by and take a look at the temple.

We stayed with some friends our first night in Vegas. When we arrived at their home, unloaded our stuff and took a mini rest, then we went over to some friends of ours from the first ward we were in when we lived in Henderson. We (at least I do) miss this ward. It was the most welcoming, warm ward. We loved it for the short time we were there. We made more friends while in this ward then we have since. Ben and Joanne were one of our closest friends there. They now have a sweet little one year old daughter. It was nice to be able to meet her! Thanks for visiting with us and feeding us dinner (and delicious cheesecake)!

We were also able to visit with Julie and Adam. Adam is currently going to medical school full-time and Julie is in the process of trying to get her estitician license in Nevada and is currently look for a job. We met their dog named Winston. Winston is awesome. Him and I formed a bond that can never be broken. He wasn't much a of a fan of Skyler and didn't let him touch him, but me he liked:) After a nice long talk, they took us to see the house that they will be moving into soon. It was nice. Apparently they hadn't actually signed the papers for it yet, but knew the code to get in the door. There was a suprise for us when we went it, a security camera. Suprise! They didn't know it was there. Hopefully the bank will only watch the footage if vandalism happens to the house!

We had dinner with our wonderful friends who we stayed with, Mandi and Pat. It was nice to be able to chat it up and catch up again! Thanks again for letting us stay!

We spent the remaining two nights in a hotel. We didn't get out as much as I had hoped because I wasn't feeling too well. In fact, we really just relaxed in the hotel the whole time until the wedding on Monday evening. Our friends, Shasta and Sean, were being re-married at the Little White Chapel on the Strip. They have a 5 year old and one on the way. Due within days of me! So awesome. I was asked to photograph the wedding. We got some family/friend shots after and then went to the Vegas sign to get some there. By the time we got there, the other end of the strip, the sun was pretty much totally gone. But we got some shots anyways. We had some food and socializing afterwards.

We headed home the next afternoon. It was a nice little get-a-way. It was nice to be able to see some friends we haven't seen in years!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remember this?

It just randomly crossed my mind today. I just had to look for the songs from the musical. I found them! I totally went down memory lane with this.

The songs I remembered the most were:
"I have a plan"
"The Golden Rule"
and my favorite was probably "Once upon a time"

I want to watch it. I think my mom may still have a bad copy of it on VHS if I'm lucky. If not, I may have to search this DVD out:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The best thing in the world...

is family! I love my family. We used to spend every single Sunday after church up at my families house. Within the last 6 months or so it has seemed to have happened much less. I miss it. Today we were able to get almost everyone together for dinner. It was last minute but we were able to throw some things together to make it an awesome meal. There is nothing better than dinner with the whole family. Family + Food = Happiness. Afterwards, we talked and relaxed, and played some ball games in the basement. I even had a blast playing with Britt's remote control helicopter!

I love my family so much! They make me laugh so hard. I love being with my family. There's nothing better.