Friday, February 29, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson

Joshua Radin & Ingrid Michaelson

Last night I was able to see Josh Radin and Ingrid Micaelson Live with some friends. I was pretty happy that they were playing together. It's kind of rare for me to actually like more than one act. I happen to like them both almost equally. I may however, be somewhat more partial to Ingrid Michaelson. I just adore her voice. It is pretty unique and lovely. It impressed me how wonderful she is live. Just an amazing voice.
One thing that suprised me about Joshua was that there is apparently a story behind every song that he wrote. He told us briefly about the story behind each of his songs before he sang them. Which I unfortunatly only caught bits and pieces of because we were up top and the sound system in this place is miserable. Thankfully it got better when they sang.
Here's a video I took with my pocket camera. I appoligize about the lack of quality. This particular song Ingrid was trying to see if we could manage to clap correctly while she sang, and then stop when she gestured to stop. Someone from the crowd shouted out that we've been to primary so we should be good to go. It was pretty funny. Didn't get that on the video though. I just stuck to videoing it instead of clapping. Who knows how embarrassing that would have been had I messed up!

Untitled from nicolette on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New opportunity

So I very well may be on my way to fulfilling my dream to become a professional photographer. Well I'm taking it step-by-step and very slowly. This is one of the first steps towards that; gaining experience.
I was just hired on as a photographer at a professional photography company (Well I haven't even yet done the fun paperwork, but she told me I'm hired so that counts!) I will keep my current part-time job and have this in addition. When I inquired about the position, I assumed that it was just an assistant photographer position, but no. It's an actual photographer photographer position! This company does wedding photography (including engagments and bridals), maternity, baby photography (my favorite), as well as senior portraits, etc.
I will first just bring my equipment out to shoots with the main photographer, Courtney is her name, and be a second photographer for awhile. I suppose I will be learning some by observation and experience both. She is due in 5 weeks but has been having complications so it really could be anytime. After she gets a little break, we'll get going on training mid-late April. After a few months of training I will completely on my own. To be honest, this terrifies me! But I suppose, after some trainging from her I will feel much more confident and ready. Hopefully.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bradley, my brother, requested I make him a crazy neon colored scarf. So I did and then made him model it for me in return. It ended up being lots of fun. One thing I learned was that neon orange (and maybe pink too) looks terrible in black and white. He is the guitarist in a band, but his guitar wasn't home so we used the guitar hero. I think that worked out better anyways. Hint: the pictures seem cooler if you blast 'Rock 'n Roll' by Led Zeppelin;)

Check out the set:
Bradley photoshoot

Thursday, February 7, 2008

We have an injured one here...

Last week we were planning on heading up north, but stopped by at temple square to snap some shots of the sunset. When we were done, Skyler jumped over a snow pile to get back on the sidewalk and slipped. He pretty much did the splits, but his right leg was twisted behind him. I saw the whole thing. I could tell it was no bueno. He was in pain and his first thought was that he completely tore something and would need surgery. This was his first thought because he has a friend that tore his ACL completely and it was a $50,000 surgery. But he didn't have insurance. Well it turns out that even though he was in pain, he was atleast able to somewhat use his leg. Good news. The next morning he went to see a doctor and was told on a scale of 1-3, 3 being a complete tear, he was a 1.5, so, bad, but not bad bad. He gave him a knee brace and sent him home. He may be doing a little physcial therapy in the near future. So aside from occasional cramps which are pretty painful for him and becoming a couch potato, he is doing quite well.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Our New Car!!!

We came home with this beautiful car last night. It's a 2007 Ford Fusion. It's not the car I've had my eye on. In fact I hadn't even heard of the "Fusion" before last night. But I love it! Skyler had been looking for cars on the side. Our SUV wasn't necessarily all that safe in the snow and we wanted a car with better gas mileage. I didn't actually think we would be getting one any time soon. But a few days ago Skyler actually called a dealership that he had seen on tv. I guess those annoying commercials do work sometimes;) Anyways, a few days later they called and said they found us a car in our price range. We decided to drive down the the dealership just for fun and check it out. We knew we liked it from first sight. So bascially after one small drive we wanted it.
The funny part is is that this was like the coolest dealership ever. First off I'll start by saying that no, we didn't get suckered into anything by their charm. We already wanted the car so everything else was just for fun I suppose. First of all, they found us a great car! Then our experince there was so much fun! haha. Before we even sat down they gave us both some popcorn to munch on. He kept complimenting me on my curly hair. He told Skyler he done good in picking his wife. I liked this guy;) Then we came to find out that one of the salesman helping us was from one of the towns that Skyler served his mission in for about 8 or 9 months in Washington. They just sat and talked about that for quite a while. By this time, the salesman claimed he felt some amount of kinship towards Skyler and wanted to see if he could get us more for our trade-in. He did end up offering more for the Montero Sport than we had been offered in the past. After all the fun paperwork and financing, the first salesman, the one who brought out the popcorn before, asked us if we wanted some fresh Tamales. So we ate them at his desk. When the car was ready for us, he gave us hugs instead of handshakes. So after a night of food, socializing, and some overall goodtimes at the dealership we were off with our new car. Yah!