Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mother's Without Borders Fundraiser

This organization is really awesome. This is a boutique fundraiser put on by a couple of ladies who run the Mothers Without Borders volunteering program. If you are able, bring your mom, or a friend and go to the boutique!

Here are a few things I will be donating to the fundraiser... Some photographs (including a few of Skyler's) and some crocheted beanies. So grateful to be able to offer up something and so happy that my first attempt at making hats were successful! Yah!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm moving to France!

Not really... But I'm thinking about it. Canada seems like it might be boring, so how about France or even England!? We just finished watching SICKO, a film by Michael Moore. Now I will say that I'm not really into Michael Moore all that much. I kind of think of him as a creepy guy that is way too into voicing what seems to be anti-American opinions. However, when I was attending UVSC, Michael Moore came to speak. I was open to hearing what he had to say. I can't even remember what the topic of conversation, or debate was, but I went away thinking, "hmm, this guy has got a point". As I said, he's kind of creepy, but he sure brings up some stuff that makes ya think. Makes me think.

Skyler started to watch it alone and then came to me and told me I would enjoy it. I was doubtful. But I agreed and watched it with him. I ended up totally flipping out at what people were saying in this film. He interviewed Americans, Canadians, French, Britt's. I was totally blown away. All of the people he interviewed in the other countries, LOVED not having to pay anything for health care. I will spare you the details. If you want them, I recommend that you watch the film! However, after I hear a strong opinion one way, I usually want to want to hear the "other side of the story" or an opposing opinion. But I don't understand why an average American would oppose this. After watching the movie, I am all for it. Do you have any opposing views to Universal Health Care? Have you seen the documentary? What do you think?

Reflections of Christ

Many of you have already seen the video of the beautiful pictures depicting Christ, set to music on your computer. If you have not, you can view it here, or here.

The exhibit by Mark Mabry is now being displayed in the Joseph Smith Memorial building where we attend church. It's located on the 2nd floor. If you are ever in the area you should go take a look! The exhibit goes through Nov. 7th.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


7 random things about myself...

Myself. Taken by Britton (9 years old!)

1- I love to learn and try new things. I usually pretty open to trying just about anything atleast once. When it comes to learning, it's usually not book smart stuff that I enjoy learning so much as learning new ways of being, ways to improve myself. I also like to watch the History Channel. Skyler and I watch that all the time.

2- I would LOVE to travel the world... but who doesn't?!?! The only thing holding me back is the financial support for that:) I don't really have a certain place that I want to go more than another. I just want to go just about everywhere! Every place has something unique to offer. If only we had the money in the last 3 1/2 years to travel before we start having children! However, there is one place that I would really like to go and that is Africa. I don't know why, but I've always had a love for Africa and the people. I would love to go there for pleasure and to volunteer.

3- I'm a night owl. I only get up early if I have to, which is usually just for work. The only other time I will allow this will be when I have babies. They don't care if you're a morning or night person! I tend to stay up late; always later than I should. It runs in the family. I'm not sure where it all started. My mom is the same way and I'm pretty sure she got that from her dad. I actually wish that I was a morning person instead. The world seems to run on the morning person schedule!

4- Most of you know that I'm a shy person, but most of you don't know that I have Social Anxiety. I'm not sure how strong it is compared to most people who have it, but I would say somewhere in the middle. It usually manifests itself mostly in unfamiliar, or new situations, or situations when were I would have to speak in front of a large group. It terrifies me! I even have phone anxiety. I don't call people I care about, not because I don't care about them, but because calling someone gives me anxiety. I know, it sounds pretty crazy. So hopefully when you call me, I am able to answer because I probably won't call you back! Surprisingly, I tend to hide it, or fake it pretty well. Last year I went to counseling, partly for this but mostly for other reasons. The counselor had talked with my bishop and she said that he told her he was surprised to hear about this. He had only noticed me being very friendly and cordial. Me being shy had never crossed his mind. But then again, he only sees me about 10 minutes a week.

5- I have some serious ADD. I haven't actually been diagnosed by a professional, but after talking with my physician a few years ago, he was pretty convinced I have it. So I've taken the liberty of diagnosing myself with it. I have the hardest time concentrating! Growing up, I hated to read, but now I love it. However, the book has really got to be awesome or truely entertaining for me to get through it. The Twighlight series have done the job as of late. Before those, I have never read books so big before! I go from one hobby to the other and usually never finish projects I start. I have unfinished projects all over the place. I crocheted blankets for a couple of my friends' babies earlier this year and that was quite a triumph for me. Following through with anything is hard for me.

6- I am horrible at planning things; planning dinner, parties, travl plans, or what to do this weekend. I am so indecisive. I love the idea of planning parties and dinners with friends and neighbors, but the whole thing gives me so much anxiety! I think the ADD has something to do with that. So I am a horrible hostess but I love to be a guest when someone else is hosting!

7- When I was younger, I always wanted to live in a big city when I grew up. I thought it sounded so much fun. However, now that I have lived downtown in Salt Lake City for a few years, I want out! Salt Lake isn't a big city by any means, but it's been enough for me to learn that I would like to end up in a home away from the city. Lately I've been dreaming of owning a home in the mountains, or in a pretty, somewhat rural area. It would be fun to have ranch. A lot of work, but I think that would be so much fun! I love love love big cities, but maybe just not to live.

This was fun! But man it took me forever to think of stuff about myself! And I will probably think of better stuff later on:) I tag Melissa, Shasta, Chelsea, Mandi, Cassie, Rachel, and JoAnn.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A few of my favorite foods...

I was going to just include lots of my random favorite things, but then I discovered that there was too much food so I'll just make a section all it's own. We'll start there... Yeah, I'm just a little bored, just in case you were wondering.
Food. Here are a few of my favorites...

Tapioca Pudding

I don't have it too often. But it's one of my favorite treats, when it's warm, not cold. It doesn't normally look too appetizing so this is the best picture I could find.

Teryaki Chicken

Best I've ever had was while on the cruise in Hawaii, but I think my location had a little something to do with that. Teryaki chicken/rice bowls will do just fine when I'm on the run.

Molten Lava Cake

My favorite guilty pleasure. Along with Skyler. You can buy these in the grocery store for like $2 and suprisingly, they are pretty descent as well.

Love this or pancakes in the morning. I add brown sugar. Delicio!
Lemon Meltaway Cookies

It's a good thing I don't live closer to a Cutler's, because I would always be there, buying these things. They seriously melt in your mouth like they say they will.


Who doesn't like smoothies!? Quick, yummy, and semi-healthy treat. I like to try all the smoothie options, but then I tend to play it safe and just go back to my favorites and stick with that.


I had previously had lots of bad experiences with sushi thus never liked it. But recently I went to Happy Sumo with some co-workers of mine and we ordered over $100 worth of sushi with company money. I tried what seemed like almost everything on the menu. Now I always crave it. However, I don't know why, but expensive sushi just seems to taste better. Don't know why.


I LOVE cupcakes. They are just so cute and they're easier to eat than regular cake. I often think how cool it would be to bake and design cupcakes all fancy as a profession. Wouldn't that be sweet!?


The winter season has arrived.... whether I like it or not... but I still think it's kinda pretty;)

We went out for breakfast Saturday morning and afterwards went for a scenic drive and to get some shots of the pretty autumn colors, but I was too late! I should have done that weeks ago.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My front yard is famous!!!

Saturday afternoon we got into our car in the pooring rain to head up to my parents house for conference weekend. We noticed a few guys setting up a fake landscape scenery in front of our house near the stream. I was confused, but didn't really think much of it.
When we returned home Sunday night, we noticed a police car/security car park outside our house and the street was blocked off so we could not park there. My first reaction was worried because I didn't know what was going on, but we soon realized what was going on when we read a notice on our door. We had a paper taped to our door from a production company stating that they would be filming Monday and Tuesday. It had some brief info about the film and then some contact info incase we had any questions or concerns.
After I got home from work today, I just sat in font and kind of watched them all because of course, I had nothing better to do. They were preparing to film inside my neighbors house. They were blockin off all of the windows so light wouldn't shine through. After they were done with that they started filming inside. I heard "rolling!" and "cut!" several times.

The street full of trucks

I am assuming that this sign is for the film because this isn't a hotel... it's a reception center.

The film in production is called "Waiting for Forever". From what I've read, it's a low budget film. However, all or most of the actors in the film I've atleast heard of. Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge are few of them. Here is an article about it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kalai concert and STEP OUT

Friday night we went to see KALAI live at the Thanksgiving Point amphitheater. It was special for us because Skyler introduced me to Kalai's music about 4 years ago while we were dating. I have memories of visiting him in Vegas and driving around with Kalai blasting from the speakers.
I had the oportunity of seeing him twice while I was living in Provo. I took some roomates to see a show and he also played a free show in my apartment's lobby/lounge area as well. But Skyler and I have not been to see him together until now!

Skyler got off late so by the time we got there the opening act was just ending and the place was packed. We threw a blanket down in the very back. Since we were so far back, we didn't really even worry about watching him much. We just layed down, listened, and looked at the stars. It was nice and relaxing. Apparently he has a hymn album out, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. He sang an amazing version of "Be still my soul". It was awesome.


Saturday morning my mom and I joined a few of my extended family members in the Walk for Diabetes. This ment something to me because my mom has type 1 diabetes. I have seen how controlling this disease can be and the negative and draining effects of it. I walked for my mom and for everyone else with diabetes and all of those who will someday have it. I loved it. It was short and simple but ment so much! Thanks Carlee for inviting us! It was a good experience. I hope to do it again next year.