Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review

Near the end of 2007 I remember having a good feeling about the upcoming year. I knew that it was going to be a good year. My feeling was right. I mean nothing super major happened or anything, but as I look back it really was a good year overall.

*I Took a family road trip to St. George to where my late great grandpa was honored for his contribution to the Clipper Paper. My grandpa and his siblings accepted the award in his behalf.
*We Purchased our first (non-clunker) car together in February and then we lost it in my car accident in September. Didn't get to enjoy it all that long! But I am grateful that I was not badly injured and that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
*I helped my grandma celebrate her 80th birthday.
*I was able to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert and to meet her in person. Love her!
*I was able to see friends I don't get to see very often.
*I was able to attend some beautiful weddings of friends and family.
*Learned a lot about photography through hands on experience. P.S. thanks to all who allowed me to use you as my subjects. I couldn't have done it without you!
*Lived more simply. It is REFRESHING!
*I experienced a lot of physical pain and heartache.
*Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.
*Went to Thriller.
*Was there to see Brad open his mission call to Brazil!
*we bought lots of jam at the Farmer's market.
*Skyler tore his LCL, but healed up nicely.
*We were able to attend Stake Conference with President Monson Presiding. And the Tabernacle choir Christmas concert where he sat not close but not far from where we were sitting. It's an awesome feeling to sit so close to the prophet.
*I was able to meet some beautiful and sweet babies born to some of my friends!
*I learned a lot at my job.
*Read the Twilight Books and went to the movie. LOVE them, but I must admit, I'm tired of the hype and obsession surrounding them.
*Enjoyed spending LOTS of time with family. This was by far the best part about the year. Lots of simple but priceless memories.
*Walked in the walk for Diabetes
*Ate some good food
*Skyler turned 27, and I turned 25.
*Did pretty much zero travelling, but not because I didn't want to of course. I'm hoping to change this drastically in 2009!

I'm looking forward to a brand new year in 2009. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas catch-up

My sister performed with her singing group from her school at the JSMB. My mom and I watched her group perform a group of songs and then I grabbed some of them for a fun little picture. Afterwards my mom and I ate a little something to hold me over at the Nauvoo Cafe inside the JSMB. It was a little on the expensive side but very tasty.

Right afterwards Skyler and I went to our ward Christmas party in the JSMB as well. We have the best food at our Christmas parties! We get it catered. Not sure where from, but it's good! All I know is that the rolls are Lion House rolls and that's all I really need to know. There was a Christmas performance afterwads by a quartet and then someone read the story of how the song Silent Night came about. If you haven't heard it, you should read up about it. Great story. Then we sang Silent Night and I was just a mess. I made Skyler bolt out of there with me!

We went to see Jon Schmidt as a family a few weeks ago. We had seen him live before, but this Christmas concert was so awesome. It was both funny and emotional for me. For some reason this Christmas season has been more emotional for me than usual. Every time I heard or sang certain Christmas songs I wouldn't be able to hold back. This concert was beautiful. Thanks mom for taking all of us!

Last weekend we went to a Christmas party for my dad's side of the family. It was nice to see family that we haven't seen in awhile. When we first arrived there, they put a sticker on our backs with a christmas related word to guess with only yes or no questions. It took me forever even though mine was just 'Jingle Bells'. Skyler's was 'Christmas ribbon'. Someone at our table had 'Red Ryder BB Gun', I'm suprised he guess it!

Temple on Canvas

Some of you may know that Skyler is also a photographer at heart. He tends to focus on non-portrait photograhy for the most part. I'm glad we live so close to the temple because he really enjoys getting pictures of the Salt Lake Temple. He has so many differnt versions of pictures of the same building. Recently he's been messing around with a program where you can digitally create paintings from a picture. In this case, he turned what was previously a picture, into what appears to be a painting of the Salt Lake Temple. It took him a considerable amoung of time to do. Though I love this picture, and it's one of my favorites, I hope that he will do this to some of my other favorites as well.

The first picture is a 16X24 he had printed on canvas. It looks so nice in person. It just makes me want to sit and stare at it. The second picture is how a 16X20 would look. He is thinking about getting several printed on canvas as 16X20 in a couple of weeks or so. If you are interested in getting this on canvas (not stretched) it is $35. If you would like it shipped, it's $40. Super deal!!! I wish he had had this avaliable before Christmas, for Christmas gifts and such!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Sneek Peek

Nicolette Francis Photography

Here is a sneek peek at a session with my sister and her husband in the FREEZING COLD!!! And to add to the fun... I slipped and fell on the snow... twice!! And we were only half-way through.


It's a dirty job, but someones gotta do it!;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Check out my photo blog for December pricing...

Nicolette Francis Photography

Temple Square

Even though when we go we see the same thing and take the same pictures, I always love to go back every year and look at the beautiful lights on Temple Square. They always amaze!


But of course it always looks better in person:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Friday was my 25th birthday. I spent most of my day at work, which was ok, because I took it off last year and wished I hadn't because I was just home alone and bored. I much preferred being amongst people who I like to be around.

That night we ended up going to a place that someone at work recommended. It's a pizzeria called Settebello. This was by far the best pizza I have ever had... ever. I've never been to Italy, but it's exactly how I picture authentic Italian pizza to be. The pizzas are supposed to be individual size, but we just got one and shared it; which was perfect for us. I could have eaten much more but I was content.


Then after a long wait, we had some gelato.

I only got a little impatient because we had a late movie we were trying to catch. We made it to the last showing of Four Christmases. It had us laughing pretty hard. At one point I think Skyler was laughing so hard he couldn't breath. Great ending to a great day!
Then last night, our whole family got together for dinner to celebrate mine and Natalie's (my sister) birthday. Her birthday was on Thanksgiving and we hadn't been able to celebrate it yet. We were still sitting and talking long after we were done eating. We were actually one of the last people in the restaurant that weren't employees. McKenzie had us cracking up when she randomly asked, "Has anyone been to the place where they recycle people?" I think she ment to say, "The place where people recycle," like a reclying plant or something like that. We gave her a lot of slack for that. I love my family. They mean more to me than anything. I am so grateful that we live close and can visit as often as we want!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Photo Books

Last month there was an offer from Oprah for a site called snapfish for a free photo book. I had actually been wanting to create one for awhile now so I took advantage of it and created 3! I created one of portraits I've done for family and friends, and one of random photography, and one of portraits I've taken of my family over the last few years (has not arrive yet). I wanted to add a ton more pictures but was only allowed 20 pages free. I am quite pleased with them. It's kind of fun to have them in book form. (sorry about all the pictures... I couldn't hold back!)

Here is another book...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Wow I have the most clever titles ever. I amaze myself.
Our Christmas tree is up! Here are some pics...