Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!!!

As I try to catch up on some blogging, I want to wish my grandmother Happy Birthday. She turned 80 yesterday, but we celebrated it a week early. Her family enjoyed taking part in celebrating her 80 years of life thus far. We had dinner, played a game to get to know her better, and of course had cake and ice cream.

Maurine Stahle

(My favorite picture of her)

I wanted to honor her in my own way by making a slide show for her, as I did at my grandpa's 80th last year. It took a long time to make only because choosing the songs were so hard! I mean they really have to be just perfect! I still wish I could have found better songs, but I was pleased with how it turned out. I think that the only people who were in tears from watching it were my own parents haha. If you would like to watch it (which you should... if you have 12 minutes to spare) you can follow this link. Excuse the poor quality. I guess uploading it diminishes the quality somehow. I uploaded the video for an aunt who lives in St. George and an uncle who lives in Illinois and could not attend. Happy Birthday Grandma!


Since my last post, we got a call from the insurance agency who were investigating the accident a little further to make sure that the other person was 100% at fault before they paid for everything. Turns out they were. Surprise, suprise. They also told us that after the car had been looked at, they came to the conclusion that it would just be totaled out. It would have cost too much to fix. So it will not be fixed. I will never drive that car again. I wouldn't really want to drive it again after it's been through that anyways, but I will miss it. I Loved that car!

We've been in search of another car to replace it. So far, we haven't found anything. When we take back our rental car tomorrow, Skyler will begin taking the bus to work, while I drive the SAAB to work. He has been working at my dad's computer business in Kaysville for the last week. We are not sure if this will become permanent or not at this point, but he sure loves it. He has discovered that he loves to help and take care of people. He's been dressing up really nice for work. Even wearing tie! This is nice compared to what I would see him coming home wearing when he did construction. So handsome!

Also, my wrist is still not happy. I am supposed to wear my brace more often than I do so it can heal. Skyler keeps getting after me about wearing it. It's bulky and just gets in the way! But I promise I will try harder!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here are some pictures of our poor car...

Thursday night I was at a wedding reception of Jeremy, a co-worker of mine. It was near Sugarhouse area on Highland Drive. First a ring ceremony, then dinner, and socializing. I sat with Laura, also a co-worker. We had a nice time. We decided to leave early. We both got into our cars and left.

Before I entered an intersection, I briefly noticed a car waiting and ready to turn left. But I didn't think for a second that they would actually turn. I proceeded through a yellow light and next thing I knew, I was hit... very hard. Before I knew it, airbags were going off everywhere and the car was no longer moving but just sitting in the middle of the intersection, turned 90 degrees to the right.

I pretty quickly realized what had happened and got out of the car. Luckily Laura was near, a few cars over and saw what happened. She didn't realized it was me that was hit until she saw me wondering around on the sidewalk. She gave me her iPhone to call Skyler becuase my phone was still in the car. I was crying and shaking quite bit. I was worried I'd drop her phone. In my hysterical voice, told Skyler that I was in an accident and the car was smashed in! At first he didn't realize it was me. In a soft, very sweet voice, he said, "Who are you looking for?" I said, "It's me! Nicolette!" He told me he was on his way.

The firemen were there pretty quick. They looked over both of us that were involved in the accident. They did some vitals on me and said I was fine. They sat with the other lady for a little while because she was in shock. Later on she was cited for not yielding.

I had only a few scratches. My left knee was hit and feels really tender. I am expecting a big old bruse any time now. And my left arm had pretty bad airbag burn. My leg hurt to walk on and my wrists hurt to move, so I had some x-rays done just to be safe. Everything looked fine though. They just gave me a wrist brace thing to wear just so it will heal better and so I don't move it around too much. I'm also starting to feel some sorta bad neck/shoulder pain from the sideways whiplash. I've been told other things will likely manifest themselves in the coming days. But overall I doing just fine. I am very very grateful that things went as well as they did. Things really could have been a lot worse than they were.

As for the car, it was smashed in 2 feet and to the left about a foot. It's pretty messed up according to Skyler. It's now in the hands of those who will tell us if it will be totaled out or fixed. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, unfortunately I can no longer say that I haven't been in a car accident. Tonight I was in a pretty bad car accident. Pretty bad meaning my car isn't in good shape whatsoever, but I'm ok.

I was actually just on my way to bed but wanted to just let ya'll know what happened and that I am fine... overall anyways. My left arm is very swollen from the airbag burn, I have a tiny scratch on my arm that really stings, a tiny scratch on my leg, and my wrists really hurt when I move them the wrong way. Other than all that small stuff, I'm fine! I will be getting an x-ray on my wrists in the morning. I'll update later on and let you know what happened!

Stake Conference

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to have stake conference held in the conference center and had our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson presiding. The day before, Skyler attended a leadership meeting there with President Monson as well. But it wasn't as quaint as stake conference typically is. There were a total of 72 stakes involved! So it was pretty much like attending General Conference. I wish we had gotten there even earlier so we could sit closer to the front. Some of the other speakers included Richard Hinckley (President Hinckley's son), Cheryl Lant (Primary General Presidency), and M. Russell Ballard (quorum of the twelve). I'd have to say, this was definitely the best Stake Conference I've ever been to. It was so easy to pay attention the entire time. I even took notes! I don't know, there is just something about having the Prophet's presence in the room that feels so comforting and strong.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And he's been called to......

Bradley has been called to the Porto Alegre, Brazil Mission!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Last week we had a BBQ out in front next to the stream with all of the Elders Quorum and their wives. It was a nice little gathering. We were able to get to know eachother a little better. Skyler has been in the Elder Quorum almost as long as we have lived here. For a while the quorum stayed pretty much the same. This is suprising because usually newlywed couples are always in-and-out of the ward very quickly. Recently we've had lots of move-outs and move-ins. Skyler was bumped up to 1st counselor. He keeps joking with the president to give us a 30 day notice before he moves so we can move as well so he doesn't get bumped up again;)

Tonight I was able to have a friend over that I see so rarely. Kyra and I have been trying to make a BBQ happen for quite awhile now but I've cancelled on her atleast twice, once because I was sick. I almost cancelled again because there was an enrichment activity I was hoping to go to but I figured I've been rude enough as it is. It was nice to have her over a catch up on life!