Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday hike

After cleaning the house, Skyler and I decided to do a little something different to pass the time on a Saturday. We took a drive up to Big Cottonwood Canyon to do some hiking. This is different for us because we usually find ourselves being more on the lazy side on Saturdays. This was quite the stretch for us.

I had heard about a place called Hidden Falls and wanted to try it. The name was enticing to me. I'll do just about any hike if there is a waterfall at the end! And I had heard it was a short hike so that was even better. So anyways, after driving back and forth in the general area, we were unable to find it so we pulled over to ask a guy that appeared to be a forest ranger if he by chance knew where it was. Turns out he was very mean forest ranger man and that he didn't know where Hidden Falls was located. He didn't even know it existed! Little help he was. So we drove off in the quest of Hidden Falls again, leaving with no more knowledge than we came with. But we were determined to find it.

After driving back up aways, we spotted some hikers getting ready for a hike of their own. They looked like devout hikers. Surely whatever these people say will be reputable I thought to myself. We pulled over and asked them if they knew where Hidden Falls was. The man thought for a bit then gave us some directions. These directions sounded pretty good so we followed them. Low and behold he was right. Alas! We finally found Hidden Falls!

Turns out this was not a hike but a stroll up a small stream, which led us to the waterfall. It was a nice litttle area. Once we were there, Skyler started taking some shots of the waterfall and surrounding area. I enjoyed the scenery and waited to use the camera to take some shots of my own. We took turns with the camera, handing it back and forth to eachother. Though it became apparent that neither of us like to share the camera. After awhile of taking turns we began to act like children trying to grab something from the other. It was very comparable to children.

Give it!... I want it!... It's my turn!...

This is what happens when your spouse has the same passion as you do. But I'll be honest. I was mostly to blame. It's technically Skyler's camera. Be there is no need to get technical here, right?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here it goes...

And here it is... my very first blog. It was just making the first entry that scared me. That's the hardest part for me. It's always the hardest thing for me, to just start something! After I start, I'm fine. It's smooth sailing from there.

I've been wanting to start a blog for quite awhile now, but another reason that I haven't until now is that I don't think that I am a good writer in the least bit. It's not one of my blessed talents that's for sure. I was worried that writing my thoughts elsewhere, other than my journal, might bore people to tears. Writing interestingly is not my forte. Photography is more of my kind of thing. It's much more comfortable to me that's for sure. And I'm sure photos of mine will be included in my blogs quite often, providing blogger allows me enough space. This can be my life/photography blog. There we go.