Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camping trip #4

We camped a lot this summer; 4 times. That's a lot for us. Before this year, we've only camped once; with my family. 6 years of marriage and we had only gone camping once! That all ended this year. When our ward had a camp-out in July we bought and tent and our camping less marriage was history.

Tony, my brother-in-law finally had a weekend off. (He is a very busy guy in the summer.) So we arranged to spend the weekend in Pine View, just the 5 of us, for some R&R. We were fortunate enough to get a prime camping spot right next to the water. We were all supposed to get there mid-morning, but Natalie's cat vanished in their new home so they spent a better part of the day searching inside and out for it. Fortunately after many hours, they found him hiding in the closet, above the water heater. Then they were finally able to join us.

This was such a great camping trip. Probably my favorite this year... So far. Can we go again?

Lots of good food, playing in the water and in the sand, roasting of marshmallows, beautiful stormy night, laughing in the tent, and more raspberry shakes. Couldn't ask for more. Oh, and I get to just sit (and chase Westin around) while Skyler cooks, he won't let me help! He says "it's fun". Ok. I'm fine with that!

That face is a face of pure joy. That boy loves anything water.

Some super cool night shots by Skyler....

In the morning

Lots of time playing in the water makes for a very happy boy!

Last of July

 A handful of pictures of Westin from July.
He makes me smile every day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bear Lake

Late July we camped at Bear Lake-Idaho. The drive seemed long with a whiny toddler. I don't blame him, I was tired too! Then when we got to the beach, the weather was less than ideal. We played on the beach for maybe a hour before we decided to quite because of the wind.

 It's alway interesting trying to get pictures of ourselves, by ourselves.

 After this point, my camera battery died. The rest I took with a phone.

 Skyler made the 20 min drive back to the nearest place to get dinner and brought it back to our campsite. I had wanted dinner in Bear Lake, but didn't realize how far we were from everything, so we hadn't planned ahead for making dinner.

Later on, the Sky cleared up and it was calm and quiet so we went back down to the water for a while.

As we were going to bed, a home near-by shot of a bunch of fireworks. Westin perked up with excitement. He loves fireworks! "Works! works!" We watched them from the window of our tent together.