Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Calling

A few weeks ago Skyler was released from serving in the Elders Quorum Presidency in which he has served in for over 2 1/2 years. He served diligently and we were so blessed. However, it came as a relief when he was released; probably to both of us, but mostly me. It had felt like such a long time since we were able to walk to church together, and sometimes even walk home from church together. And his time at home and at church were often occupied with helping others. I think I was feeling neglected. Selfish I know!

So not even a few weeks after being released we were called into the bishoprics office for Skyler to receive a new calling. He has been called to serve in the Sunday School presidency. I think immediately my heart sank a little bit. I finally got my husband back! I think Satan was trying to bring me down. However, Skyler accepted and I accepted the call to support him. On the way to home I cried. I know that it was 99.9% pregnancy hormones because let me tell you, those have been out of control for the last 6 months! But eventually I composed myself and told him that I will be 100% supportive of him and his calling to serve the Lord in his church.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Husband love

I thought it was about dang time that I did a photo shoot with my own husband so I talked him into letting me get some shots of him last weekend. Isn't he so handsome? I love this guy so much. He is my life. I am so excited to have a family with him. He is going to be such a wonderful dad. I love you babe!


I'll introduce you to my garden. We don't have any good land to plant a garden, but I've been wanting to plant one ever since we moved here so this year I decided to do some pottery gardening. I bought a few big pots and used a few I already had, and got some good advice and free soil from Kenley, my cousin's husband, and I was all set. However, I still felt inadequate, seeing as I have never planted a garden before, so I took a a free class at a local nursery where they got me started.

Most of my garden is now about 6 weeks old. We've already eaten most of the sweet peas. They were getting really big and calling my name. It's been fun to partake of my own garden! Soon enough we'll have some cherry tomatoes and green beans!

Spring Blossoms

I had almost forgotten about these. These were taken a few months ago when the trees were blossoming with gorgeous flowers all over the place. I love these trees. They make me happy!

4th Anniversay

I have a lot of catching up to do! I'll start with our 4th anniversary back on May 5th. Originally we weren't going to go anywhere because I was sick, but I didn't want to let our day pass by without celebrating. We decided it would be fun to go to the place where we had our wedding dinner on our wedding day, El Matador. We hadn't been there since our wedding day and since then it had moved to a different, better location and was remodeled quite nicely. We had a great time. I devoured so many delicious chips and salsa that I hardly ate any of my actual meal.

Friday, June 5, 2009

22/23 weeks

23 weeks 2 days (I obviously feel bigger than I look!)

I say "22/23" because I wrote the following at 22 weeks but I never got around to getting Skyler to get a picture for week 22, so the quick self-portrait at 23 weeks will do.

I don't mind being pregnant. I can say that because I am in the second trimester; not sick like I was in the first, or huge like I'll be in the third. I feel great. I have never felt so amazing before. People keep telling me I have the "pregnancy glow" and I haven't been denying it because I know I do! It's really changed how I carry myself wherever I am; at work, or just out and about. Not just the slight waddling, but I tend to have a slight smile on my face most of the time.

He has been kicking a lot in the last 2 or 3 weeks. I love it! It's the coolest thing. Earlier this week we were at a movie, Angles and Demons, and he was kicking a ton! Skyler sat with his hand on my tummy while all the action in my tummy was going on. Skyler loves to be able feel him moving around. It's definitely an awesome way for daddy's to feel more of a connection to the baby during pregnancy.

Choosing a name is the big topic of discussion around these parts. We have a huge list of names we are fond of. Most of the names on the list are names I started putting together for the last 4 years or so. Whenever I would hear, or think of a good name I would add it to the list. Luckily Skyler and I have very similar taste in names so when we set our minds to choosing a name, it shouldn't be too much of a battle.