Thursday, June 24, 2010

memorial day shenanigans

The whole family took a drive up to the Unitas for some hiking on Memorial Day. We drove up further to where there was still snow, lots of snow.

I Love the Unitas. I love to sit and watch out the window as we're driving through. It's so gorgeous!

Britton and Dad had some fun in the snow. They built a snowman and slid down the snow.

On our way back down, we found a cool river with some nice flat rock to walk around on.
I wanted to stay there all day. It was nice and relaxing.

And finally we hike!

Westin was lovin' it!

The siblings! (minus one)
And we relax...

And end the day with some raspberry ice cream


Green Apple Photography

(courtousy of

I have had the pleasure of being the assistant to Lindsey of Green Apple Photography for the past little while. I have been a big fan of her work for maybe a couple of years now. I contacted her last year sometime and told her that I love her work and I would like to assist/second photograph anytime she needed help. This was mostly so I could learn from her! In May, she contacted me asking if I would like to assist her this summer. I was elated!

Lindsey has been so incredible to work with. She has such a fun personality and is so easy to get a long with. Lindsey shoots mostly digital, but she has a passion for film. I am so excited to learn more about film. Before now, I hadn't even held an SLR film camera (my dads very old one) in my hands since probably high school. I took a film/dark room class and I loved it. She was showing me some of her film work and I was impressed. Film is so cool! But it's also a lot more expensive all around.

Lindsey also had a baby this past October, a baby girl. Her name is Lucy. I love to chat about our babies because they're doing so many of the same things because they're so close in age. It's been fun to watch her grow up (via facebook and her blog). I was able to meet Lucy a few weeks ago. She is just as darling in person as she is in her precious pictures!

I have assisted in 3 weddings so far. I've learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I look forward to doing more!

You can find her fabulous blog here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visit to the Cooks

I found my memory card! Yah! The next few posts of from May.

Skyler and I took my brother and sister to Grandma and Grandpa Cooks to visit. We sat on the lawn then moved up to the porch and chit chatted. We sipped on some lemonade and grandma served up her banana bread.

Oh how I love summer. Spending time with family outside in the summer air is so much fun!

Buffy was being extremely well behaved! She wouldn't jump up on Westin. She jumped up and licked everyone else, but she wouldn't touch the baby. I was so impressed!

She was so patient while we helped Westin pet her. She just sat there patiently.

I LOVE this.
So sweet