Saturday, February 27, 2010


Now that I've been able to catch my breath for a minute, I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that we've moved into our new apartment (for the most part). Some of you know and some of you don't, that we're moving from Salt Lake City to Kaysville. This is the town (or I should say city... it's growing way too fast) that I, Nicolette, grew up in for those of you who don't know that. It's about 25 miles north of Salt Lake. I'm excited to be back in my hometown. We're not sure how long we'll be here; maybe a year or two, before we hopefully move on to bigger and better, but I'm really looking forward to living so close to my family (especially since I'm there all the time and I practially live there anyways), oh and the space, so much space. The space is the best part... so much of it! PS- I have so much to catch up on! Once we're settled in a little bit more, I'll catch y'all up on the last 2 months!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last month Westin and I went along with some of my family for some ice skating. My mom, and I just sat on the benches and watched Britton, Kenzie and her friend skate.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chocolate Transfers

Saw this today on Studio 5. So cool. These are goodies that are made to look pretty with Chocolate transfer sheets Makes me want to buy a bunch and make some.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First family portrait of the Year
Here's to a wonderful 2009, the best year of my life.
Looking forward to another wonderful year in 2010.


Anyone know how to put the comments at the end of the post? I'm not sure how they ended up at the beginning, but I'd like to change it back.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

December continued...

This should finally catch you up on December. Sheesh! December is always so jam packed!

Grandma Duncan with Westin.
Just turned 2 months.

Cozy and warm outfit from Grandma Francis

Just Chillin'

This was his church outfit for the month of December. Church outfit/every little special occasion possible outfit. We tried to get the most use out of it we could before he grew out of it. I just loved the sweater. It was so cute and cozy.
After church
Read Family Christmas Party

All the babies under 15 months

My happy Babsy boy
Proud dad
Natalie and Tony lookin' good
Modeling their (almost) matching jackets
Lookin' good guys, lookin' good

Family picture
Couldn't resist

Had dinner with some good friends at The Gateway
After Christmas
Playin' some pianoGrandma time

Last picture of the year. Did some serious sledding with Britton.
Most fun I've had in a long time!


Westin's first Christmas!
Made some cookies

Those of you who have been to our apartment know that it's a tiny apartment. And as many of you know the amount of available space has diminished even further with the work Skyler does at home. I wanted to put up a tree but there just wasn't anywhere to put one! So I just figured we wouldn't have a tree this year. But one night I came home to Christmas tree in our living room. And he didn't just set it up, but decorated it as well. How sweet is my husband!?

Christmas Morning
at the Duncan home
Sampling the Red Velvet cake

Family picture
(and sleep time)