Thursday, March 31, 2011

Westin's chair makeover

I'm going to skip some of my smaller projects and go right to my favorite project that I've tackled so far.

Meet the ugly blue chair...

Way back, awhile before Christmas, I thought it would be fun to get Westin a comfy chair his size to sit in as a Christmas present. Then through my research found out how expensive they are. So I put the idea out of my mind. Then one day at the DI, I spotted a little blue rocking chair! I swear there were angles singing and light was shinning on the chair. I couldn't believe it. I found one! And it was only $10! Though it was pretty ugly and dirty, I saw potential in it. I had to have it.

Here is a closer look at how dirty and gross it is.
Finally, in February I tackled the project.
First I took it apart one staple at a time.
This was definitely the most grueling part about it all!
I'll spare you all the details....

Here is the finished product!


 I'm so happy how it turned out. The fabric is so perfect for a children's chair. Bright and colorful. Perfect for my little Westin.

Before         &           After

 Now if only he sat in it for more than 3 seconds!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Westin sings Bieber

Westin was in the kitchen with me tonight and I noticed he wasn't just jabbering on as he usually does; he was singing. He was saying "baby baby, ohhhh". I told Skyler what he was saying and he said, "Sounds like he's singing Justin Bieber."

Oh, yeah! It sure sounds like it! I'm not sure how or why he was singing it. We don't listen to Justin in our household. Not that there is anything wrong with it;)

Untitled from Nicolette on Vimeo

Who's more cute singing this song, Justin or lil' Westin? I don't think that is a hard one;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He's 30!

Happy Birthday to my awesome husband!

He turned 30 this week!

30 seems like it should be a big deal, so I will make it a big deal.

That is 3 complete decades!

How shall I celebrate?

How about I list 30 things that are great about Skyler in his honor...

 here we go...

Your amazing light blue eyes (first thing I noticed about you)

You make me laugh (and sometimes roll my eyes too;)

You are very supportive of my interests

You love your little boy so much. You would do anything for him.
You handle the all the finances and bill paying too

You have a really good memory (makes up for my lack of good memory)

You make me feel beautiful and you remind me every day

You act fearless

You're usually very open to all my crazy (and not so crazy ideas)

You work hard for your family

You're a manly man with a soft mushy heart

You are very loyal to everyone you meet

You are an incredible speaker and teacher

You are a giving person

You are almost just as obsessed with yogotogo as I am

I love your smile

You are a man of many trades

I love to go places with you

You watch chick-flicks with me and actually like them (you do like them right?)

You are honest

I love your cooking

You teach me so much

You make me feel safe and comforted

You put your family first

You are very handy around the house

You never complain (unless your sick with a "man cold")

I love that you love food as much as I do

You are such a loving husband and father
You never cease to amaze me

I'm glad you were born.

You are a perfect match for me

Happy Birthday, babe!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

B&W love

So I think I finally have my camera back for good! I lent my Nikon to my brother for his photo class at the university. (Why? Because I'm nice!) Now he has purchased his own camera to use for class. So, after almost a month's worth of of being forced to use my point-n-shoot and coming up with very disappointing results, I'm excited to have it back! Phew! Anyways, here are some recents of my favorite little person.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trash to Treasure

I've joined the junking world. We've been living in our apartment for 1 year now and for the first 9 months here, I did little to no decorating. I wasn't feeling the place and didn't care to decorate a place I didn't like, but then a few months back I became obsessed with decorating. It started in November, I wanted to decorate, but I didn't want to spend a lot, and I wanted to do it my own way. So I was on the lookout at thrift stores. I began finding things that would work in my place, but they just needed some TLC. Since then, our place looks a lot more cozy and personalized.

I love fun finds and I love the idea of finding something someone else didn't want anymore and breathing new life into it and making it beautiful and lovely and work just right for your own environment.

There was a piece of furniture that we purchased probably 5 years ago in Las Vegas, at the Goodwill (where we purchased most of our stuff when we were first married), that in the back of my mind I thought would be a good candidate for a makeover.

I probably thought that this would be a good piece to experiment on and reupholster, seeing as I only spent $7 for it! Yes, $7. It was ugly but, I just had to buy it for that price. I will tell you now, that this piece still looks the same as it did almost 6 years ago. It still sits in this ugly condition, tucked away so no one can see it;) I've not yet built up the courage to tackle this beast. I thought that perhaps I should start small.

Let me show you some of the small projects I've been working on for the last several months.

I had been wanting to display pictures on shelves in our living room but I didn't have any shelves. So I bought some at IKEA, but I never put them up because I just didn't really love them. They were kind of just cheap looking and blah. So I decided that we would try to make our own shelves. We bought some wood at Home Depot and had them cut it in half so we could make 2 shelves, 4 ft. each. Then Skyler drilled the long skinny piece of wood on the tip so pictures would be secure and then drilled the brackets onto the shelf. The black brackets were also from Home Depot. They were in the corner of the store and very dusty. (Probably because they were a little overpriced. But we had a fussy baby and just wanted to get on with it so we bought them.) Later, I stained the shelves with Jacobean, a Minwax stain and I just love how it turned out. The stain is very antiquey and I just love the color. It has a very warm, reclaimed wood look.

 Our shelves at Christmas time
and now

 I love how they turned out. I even like the brackets;) The shelves are on either side of the wroght iron wall art in our living room and they hold lots of pictures of our family. I love them!

One of my first finds was a very ugly small wooden bench of some kind. It had an ugly basketball on each side of the bench and a bunch of paint scratches. I got the bench for $6.


I took it outside and sanded it. And this was all with a little sand block. Uhm, it was not fun and took forever to sand. This began my loathsome and disdain towards sanding. But you must sand (to get rid of ugly basketballs and) before you can do the awesomeness staining. That was the part that made the grueling task of sanding worth it; seeing the wood turn into something beautiful.

I used the same stain from the shelves (because A- it would save money, and B- I love the color so why not). I love how it turned out. Now, had I a better sander, I would have sanded it even more and it may have turned out darker, but I am happy with it. Only thing I failed to do was protect it with poly-urethane (because I was cheap). I brought it inside and used it as a shoe bench in our entryway. The snowy shoes have dulled the look on top some. So come spring I may fix it up some and protect it. 

I ♥ my shoe bench.

I have many other projects to share with you, but i will share those later.
I'd love to create a blog to share my furniture face lifts, but I'm not sure about that one yet!