Saturday, April 9, 2011


18-month stats
24 lbs.
32.5 inches
Westin is becoming quite the talker! He says so many words. He repeats most of the words that we say. Some of the things he says are "thank you", "please", "all done", "stop", "let's go", "Jesus", "moon", "stars", "lap", "doggy", "baby", "buddy", "dude", "ride", "yum-yum", "mo-mo (elmo)" and sometimes he'll say "morning" when we go into his room in the morning. He says "bye-bye" to the cashiers when we are leaving, when a car drives by, and he says it to the bath water as it's going down the drain. Recently he has been such a terrible eater. Whatever happened to my good little eater!??? He's become pretty picky. He loves music and loves to dance. And he likes to be silly and make us laugh:)