Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frist stop, Venice!

Once and for-all our trip to Italy will be blogged! It feels like such a long time ago, yet it feels like yesterday all at the same time, as I go through pictures of our trip. In November we flew Skyler's mom out to watch Westin. We did this so she could get some good quality one-on-one time with her grandson and I think it worked. She said he was an angel and they really enjoyed their time together.

Our trip to Italy began with a very long plane ride. Those of you who have travel to Europe or oversees know what I'm talking about. But I will begin this, by saying it's 10x worse when you are pregnant and nauseous as can be. Now timing didn't work out so well with morning sickness and our trip to Italy. There are some people didn't plan that part out so well, but let's move on shall we?

Our first stop was Venice, Italy. I could not believe I was in Venice. Oh, what a magical place, yes? Yes. This was definitely our favorite place. Probably mostly because it encompassed what I had always pictured Italy to be, or at least what I pictured the city/island itself to be. The buildings are beautiful and old. The sad part was the graffiti. It wasn't everywhere, but it was in a lot of places and I found it unfortunate that people would care so little to defile such beautiful old buildings. I felt this way with a lot of Italy as we traveled around, a lot of graffiti in Europe!

We stayed at a quaint Bed and Breakfast while in Venice (not pictured). It was a darling little place right across from a chocolate shop. The man who owns the B&B does pretty much everything himself except clean the rooms. He makes his guests a lovely breakfast every morning. This is where we were introduced to Blood Orange Juice. We'd actually never had blood orange before and it was quite good. Later on our Italy trip we bought our own carton on it at the market. Our B&B was very close to the Vaporetto, or the water bus. We used the vaporetto probably just as much as we walked. We did a lot of both. While we were in Venice, we noticed we didn't like the super touristy places and in Venice, the super touristy spot is St. Mark's Square. We cringed in super big crowds. We did visit the San Marco Basilica, but decided to spare our money on the other crowded buildings.

I will be posting only a handful of pictures from our trip to Italy. I took lots, but at the same time, not as many as I would have had I felt 100% myself. Skyler actually took a lot more than I did. So for sake of time I am posting only a small handful from our trip. I'm hoping in the future to post more on my photo blog, but for now, here is a taste!


In short, when I think back on Venice, I think: boat rides on the water, gelato, pastries and a good place to get lost! A few of the other sites we saw while in Venice were the Rialto Bridge and the Spiral Staircase. One of the most beautiful views was from the Rialto Bridge at night. I'll have to track down our pictures from there.

While we were in Venice we took boat rides to visit a few of the other islands nearby. We visited Murano and Burano. Murano we didn't love, Burano we LOVED! Murano was all about selling tourists glass products and Burano was just beautiful. Lots to look at and lots of color!


Skyler purchased a nice tie while in Burano... I purchased a cookie:)

Leaving Venice. Our last morning in Venice we were awoken early by the flood alarms. Venice floods pretty often. And as we took the Vaporetto out we were able to get a look at the place in it's flooded state.

More of Italy to come!

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Brett - Rachel B said...

Finally! I was wondering if you ever went! It looks incredibly. I can't believe people live like that. Great pictures, looks very romantic- and tasty!