Monday, June 3, 2013

Easter 2013
Despite how this blog appears, we are still alive and kicking! It's been quite a very long while since my last post. There is much to catch up on and much to say, but here is a quick update of our lives

First off, though I'm sure everyone knows of her existance by now, and if not, you can tell from the above photo, our sweet baby girl, Lydia, joined our family. She has blessed and enriched all our lives since her arrival, almost one whole year ago. Words cannot express the love we all have for her.


Lydia Serene Francis was born June 18, 2012
7 lbs. 8 oz. 19.5 inches @ 3:20pm
She arrived healthy, beautiful, and strong. This time my baby was placed into my arms and I was able to hold her for as long as I wanted without her being wisked away from me as was her older brother. She got her name from a some of her ancestors. Lydia came from my great-grandmother, and also her mother. And Serene came from Skylers great-great-grandmother. Up until recently, she has been content sitting still on the floor and being lazy. Just now is she scooting around and trying to make mischif as (almost) one-year-olds do. Her favorite thing is music. She dances the second the music turns on.

Westin is very much boy. He loves the dirt, he loves to build things, superheros, and he's always saying he's going to get the "bad guys" with a hi-yah! He loves to be outside and help me in the garden. He just finished his first year of Preschool and he loved it. But more than anything he loves his little sister. I have honestly never seen him exhibit an ounce of jealousy towards her. He loves her and helps her all the time. I can tell they are going to be the best of friends.

 Skyler switched jobs recently. He works for a great company where bascially he does outsourced IT work for larger businesses. He is enjoying it. He is no longer working at home full-time. It has been an ajdustment (mostly for me). I didn't truely realize how much I loved having him home every day until he was not there. We're greatful for this wonderful new opportunity he has had and it was really a wonderful time for it. Skyler still does online sales part-time in addition to putting time in for school studies and church callings. Even with all that he still manages to be a super awesome dad and husband.

And I spend my days mothering and cleaning-up after my munchkins. I am spending much of my days doing something outside. I dislike being in the house when it's beautiful outside. We take lots of walks and relax and play in the yard. I have found a passion in learning about nutrition and thus I have been cooking and baking a whole lot more and enjoying it. We're pretty happy summer is upon us (especially me). We have a summer bucket list. Summer here we come!

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